Starting surgery

Starting my final rotation of fourth year can only mean one thing…finals are only eight weeks away. From the way I talk about these exams you would think that I am about the enter the Triwizard tournament, which is almost what it feels like right now as I dread the next few weeks.

So my final rotation of fourth year is surgery. I started off with ENT and then urology. Once I am back from having that precious one week off for Easter, I will be moving onto colorectal and ending with orthopaedics.

I enjoy being in theatre. Not sure if I would be able to spend the rest of my life as a surgeon though. Which is another reason as to why I love O&G as a specialty. It is the perfect mix between medicine and surgery!

If I am honest, I have not fully immersed myself into the placement just yet as all I can think about for now is going home for the Easter holidays. Plus I am also VERY excited to get social media back again! I have been told about the change in the meme scene so it will be interesting to catch up on the hundreds of memes that I have been tagged in.

Anyway, back to the content of the original post. So far surgery has been quite different to medicine. There is a lot of waiting around in theatre and I do not feel like I am gaining as much knowledge as I have been whilst on medicine. But it is too soon to judge just yet so I will get back to you guys in a few weeks to let you know how it is going.


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