School’s out

After what felt like the longest term in my whole academic career, I am finally home for just a precious week (yes, your holidays get shorter as you progress through medical school for anyone who is looking to add another con to their list of why they should go into medicine!).

I have a number of exciting things to tell you all but where is the fun if I blurt it all out in this post. So in the true style of the film crew of Walking Dead, I am going to make you all wait to find out what they are.

I do not have many plans this Easter holidays. The holy weekend will be fun. I love going to mass during Easter because of how beautiful the service is on Easter Sunday. Seeing the church lit up with nothing but candles is truly a sight to make you warm inside.

I have decided not to pick up any shifts at the care home either as I do not really want to spend the little time I have at home by working. However, they say there is no rest for the wicked because I do have to actually do a bit of work towards my exams. That is if I can fit it into going to London for a day and other plans my family may have made…


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