Blogging about my elective

An exciting opportunity has been proposed by the British Medical Association. They asked for volunteers to help blog about their own medical elective adventures so naturally I applied and I have been selected. This is quite exciting because not only does it mean than my blog will be up on the BMA website, but I have more of an incentive to blog and share with you all about the wonderful things I get up to in Australia.

So starting on the 23rd of June, you can all expect daily updates on what I have been up to each day on my blog and over on my Instagram account. Yes you must all be very excited to know the details of my life! This new campaign being run by the BMA will also be a great opportunity for medical students in the lower years to see as they can gain more information from students that are currently undertaking their placements in a different country (or the UK).

It seems like God is blessing me with a lot right now and I do not really know what I have done to deserve it. Maybe he knows that I try extra hard for him and my wonderful mother…


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