Lookbook #1

I have decided to branch out with the content that I post on this blog. As a medical student (and a doctor), you are conducting a vocation the moment you start university at the age of 18.  So as part of that, you have to be aware of how you present yourself to the general public. This can be quite daunting for an 18 year old who has not even fully experienced the ‘real world’ yet.

It is also important to be aware of what you wear as a medical student and a doctor. With a life filled with brogues and smart clothes, it can be difficult trying to ensure that you are expressing yourself whilst looking professional to other people. It is also marginally more difficult for women as we have a million other things to worry about…

Is this dress too short?

Am I showing too much cleavage?

Is my hair out of the way?

Is this outfit too figure-hugging?

Therefore I have decided to try something new. I am going to create a Lookbook. This will involve collections of outfits that I come across amongst my colleagues which I think looks great to create a different dimension to my blog


This third-year medical student has the greatest pleasure of being the first in my collection! To respect his confidentiality, I am not going to mention his name or show his face. But that does not matter too much because look at how cool his outfit is!

Browns and blues look great on a guy. I love the fact that S is not afraid to wear blazers on casual days out and in my opinion more guys should do the same! Even though this outfit looks professional, you would be slapped on the wrist for wearing something that is past your elbow by the infection control team…


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