NYX liquid lipstick – pinks

In order to stay true to one half of my blog name, this post is going to be all about the latest purchase I made from NYX. The world of makeup is currently crazy for liquid lipstick and all things matte and I am definitely a victim of that.


Now I do apologise for the awful camera quality but as an amateur blogger, I am still working with the camera on my iPhone! So I bought two shades that are both fairly close to each other on the colour wheel but they both give me such different looks.


Without flash



NYX lingerie (LIPLI 17) – This is quite close to being my favourite shade of lipstick to wear. It is so difficult to try and find shades of pink that do not make me look like I should be part of a circus so when I do find little gems like this, I tend to abuse them a lot by wearing it as often as I can. This liquid lipstick has a matte texture and tends to last the whole day for me which is ideal for when I am rushed off my feet.



NYX liquid suede (LSCL 12) – Now this lipstick is quite different to the other one in both texture and colour (obviously). The texture of this is more creamy and even though it is not as ‘drying’ on your lips as the other one, it stays on for just as long as any other matte lipstick.


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