Aromas of the Middle East

Whenever I smell Jasmine, it takes me back to walking through the parks in Oman where shrubs of Jasmine stand proud every few yards. Being from the Middle East, I am used to the wonderful smells that they are so famous for producing in the form of ittar (attar). For those who do not know much about these extremely fragrant oils, I will tell you what I know about it (which is not an extensive amount!):

Ittar is basically scented oils which are distilled from flowers and they are then smoked through different scents such as sandalwood. It is not something that is unique to the Middle East as it has been around in India for thousands of years and was particularly prominent in the Mughal Empire. That’s right, there is another wonderful gift that India has awarded the world! Because of how concentrated the scent is, you tend to buy it in small bottles as you are not required to use a lot of it.

Sunna musk is a company that sells ittar in London. After burning my nostrils with pretty much every scent they had, I decided to buy a small bottle of jasmine ittar. Mainly because the moment I could smell that fragrance, I imagined myself playing in the parks in Oman as a child. It was £16 for a small bottle which is quite a hefty price but I was convinced that it was worth it as one application of ittar should leave you smelling wonderful all day. Having said that, the smell of this particular ittar is not as strong throughout the day as I hoped it would be. I will not deny the fact that upon initial application, it smells great and the scent does last for a few hours but as the day goes on, the fragrance of the ittar gets weaker which definitely is not a characteristic of ittar from the Middle East or India.



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