Lebanese food at Mezze

The other day I went to a Lebanese restaurant called Mezze. I have been here once before but that was when my sister was quite unwell so neither of us enjoyed the experience that much as she did not have much of an appetite. So as we sat to eat I could not help but look at her and think how far she has come from the state she was in over 3 years ago. She is now studying in London to become an accountant and she is getting firsts in every assessment she has. That is not to say that she is still not experiencing the wrath of Crohn’s; as she still has the occasional flare up. But she manages to put her middle finger up to that and through the strength that God gives her, she can face each day.

Now back to the post at hand. So, I ordered a beef shawarma wrap which comes with a side of potatoes and salad for a mere £6.95. The wrap itself was tasty but it was a bit dry for my liking. The potatoes however were to die for! It was beautifully seasoned and each slice was perfectly cooked. The salad tasted fresh and the spices that they added to it gave it a very interesting taste.

The restaurant itself was beautifully decorated with traditional dish plates hung on the wall. It was not particularly busy when we went to the restaurant and the service was quick which was great because we were starving after a morning full of shopping!

All in all, it is not a place that I would go again as the wrap was a little disappointing. Having said that, the potatoes were quite possibly the best I have tasted in a while so maybe I will go just to have a massive bowl of those…


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