Taking a break

Ladies and gentlemen, it has once again come to that time of the year. With just two weeks left until I write my finals, I have decided that I am going to take a break from blogging until I can finally taste freedom. I really need to ensure that all my focus is on revision from now on as I make the final push to the end.

Surprisingly enough, I have not been the victim of a disproportionate amount of stress this year. Normally, I would be having a minimum of at least two breakdowns every week leading up to the exams and being a general pain to my family. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am not sailing through these last few days without a few moments of…

Why is nothing staying in my head?

Should I be having less sleep and turning the library into my home? 

Nevertheless, I feel like my thoughts are a lot more collected this year. I guess that all comes down to the fact that with an experience of three years of medical school under my belt, I have only just come to realise that I need to stop letting my nerves get the better of me. If I pass, great! If not, then there was somewhere I went wrong with how I prepared for the exams and I am going to have to try again in August. But at the end of the day, one of the biggest taboos of medical school is mental health among medical students and I am determined to be the head-strong woman my mother raised me to be!

I cannot believe that my fourth year at medical school is coming to a close. I still remember being the stereotypical wide-eyed fresher on my first day at university; excited to start learning about something that I have wanted to for so long and give something back to this world. Medical school has definitely moulded me to be the better version of myself; along the way it has broken and uplifted my spirits. Before I know it, I will be jetting off to Australia for my elective. Just a week into my elective I will receive my results and I hope to God that it is good news. I will also be travelling to the Netherlands, Belgium and France in August so I have even more to look forward to and plenty more to share with you all about my adventures.



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