On route to Brisbane

Day one of my elective is not that exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I am relieved that I have got away from Lancaster and that I have finished my exams. But right now, all I can think about is how much sleep I want to catch up on. I have a very long journey lying ahead of me. However, I think the fact that my mum and my sister are joining me for the first part of my elective is exciting and I cannot wait to see them at the airport. So, that leads me onto tip number 1 when planning your elective…

If you want to save a bit of money on your elective, go to places where family members are residing.

This is easy when you are brown and you have a minimum of 25-30 people that are directly related to you…

So, what made me pick Brisbane? Well as you may have already guessed, I do have some family over in the land down under. My aunt, uncle and two cousins live in Brisbane and were very keen for me to come over as I had not seen them for years. Then when my mum heard I was thinking of applying to Brisbane, she was keen to come too so my elective has turned into a bit of a family holiday!

So I am going to start off the documentation of my experience with how I went about organising my elective. So to start off with, I knew I wanted to do something related to obstetrics and gynaecology (surprise surprise). Secondly, I wanted to decide whether I should go to a developed or a developing country. I think in an ideal world, I wanted to go to a developing country because working in women’s health in a poor income country would be a dream come true for my future self. But for me personally, money played quite a big role in my decision. Due to the fact that I have family in India, South Africa and Australia; my immediate choice was the latter seeing as I had never been there before.

One of the downsides of applying to a country like Australia is the application process itself. I applied through the University of Queensland and the amount of documents and time it took to sort out the placement was definitely underestimated. After not hearing from them for ages, my inner fierce Asian behaviour came out and a few overly assertive emails had to be sent. Luckily, they were not put off and I was given the position to undertake my placement at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital!

I am really excited to start actually, hopefully it will be a good way to take my mind off results day. It was also a really nice surprise to see two of my best friends at Dubai as they are also travelling to Australia for their elective. It did make me want to be on elective with my friends but I would not change my experience for anything as I am having such a lovely time. Currently, I am making the most of the free wifi at Dubai airport before the 14 hour journey to Perth and then the further few hours to Brisbane. So until then, goodbye and I am going to try and catch up on some much needed sleep…


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