Typical hospital day

I had an early start today. I was due to be in the obstetrics review centre this morning but unfortunately there was nothing going on. So after attempting to call the registrar a number of times, I was unable to get through to the doctor. Therefore in the true fashion of what every medical student experiences, I left the ward with bitter disappointment at the fact that I travelled all the way over to the hospital to be turned away. So I spent the morning patting myself on the back for remembering to bring my laptop.

Just when I thought I could explore the surrounding area for a few hours until the case study session in the afternoon, I received an email to ask me to collect the case which I was expected to look over prior to the session. I must admit it was not what I was expecting just a few days after finishing my finals but nonetheless I was happy to have a look at it (yes, I am THAT keen)

The case study session was really useful. The doctor leading the session is my clinical supervisor and she is absolutely lovely. The topic was related to medical disorders in pregnancy. The content was pretty much the same as to what I have learnt except a couple of differences in investigations and management. The session also gave me the opportunity to meet with some other fourth year medical students. They have their end of rotation exams next week so they were definitely on the ball with their O&G knowledge. I also met two lovely students who showed me the way round and gave me tips as to which areas in Brisbane I should explore (Australians are so lovely!)

Tomorrow, I am timetabled to be in the birth suite. Fingers crossed I get to see something because it would be a shame if I couldn’t, especially as I have to be at the hospital at 6:30am…


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