A weekend in the Gold Coast

Leading on from my previous post, I must say that I am extremely overwhelmed by the response I received for being so open about what it is like to go through something that a lot of medical students try to keep behind closed doors. It was heartwarming to see all the supportive messages I received. Not to mention those who publicly and privately told me about how ashamed they felt when they failed an exam. How strange that a vocation that seeks to help others does not look after its own…

Anyway, I do not want to turn this blog into a sad fest! So let me finally get back to my elective. So this weekend, I went to the Gold Coast. On the first day, I went to Movie World. I was not initially made aware that the whole park was dedicated to DC but I still managed to have fun as a die hard Marvel fan! I managed to go on the Green Lantern rollercoaster but that was enough for me. I must say that walking around the park made me really excited for the new Spiderman movie…

On Saturday, I went to Wet ‘n’ Wild where I mostly conquered my fear of height, speed and water. I went on all the rides bar two because I value my life more than the adrenaline rush… Surprisingly I had a lot of fun, mainly because the water was only a metre deep on most rides.

On Sunday, I went to Seaworld. Yes I know what you are all thinking. I tried to protest against going but when you are part of a large brown family, ethics regarding these type of things are out the window. I was surprised to see the emphasis they placed on ensuring that safe fishing would take place within the area. I managed to get everyone to avoid the polar bear and penguin enclosure because I am still baffled as to why they are placed in sunny Australia…

The Gold Coast was gorgeous. I even managed to pay a quick visit to Surfer’s paradise but only managed to last about half an hour because the temperature made me feel like I was back in England!


After a weekend off, it is back to placement tomorrow at the maternity outpatients department.


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