Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Would a trip to Australia really be complete without seeing koalas and kangaroos? The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the world’s oldest and largest koala sanctuary. Aside from those two marsupials, the park is the habitat of various other animals. As soon as I entered the gates, the smell of eucalyptus took me straight back to the Middle East with memories of my mum giving me hot baths as a child with eucalyptus leaves floating in the water. Not entirely sure why she made me endure that but I believe it is because eucalyptus is well known for being an effective mosquito repellant!

The grounds were beautiful. The trees sheltered the majority of the park and even though it was a sunny day, the shade made me wish that I had brought a jacket. The park housed various other animals. There were kookaburras, a variety of snakes, wombats, Tasmanian devils, bats, platypus etc…

The sanctuary allows you to hold a koala for $20 but not for longer than 30 minutes. I did not do this I felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea of a koala bear being moved from person to person. However, I was still able to get up and close to the freely roaming kangaroos in the 5 acre land. Some of them looked as though they are regular gym-goers so I was a bit weary at first but they seemed to be just as curious as I was. Within the same plot of land, emus were also free to wander around. However, they looked as though they were sick of annoying humans traipsing around with selfie sticks and cameras the size of a football…

A bird of prey show was also scheduled in during the day where adorable owls were introduced to the crowd as they flew above our heads. The highlight of the show was seeing the incredible wing span of the falcon. A sheep dog show was also available to watch which was adorable because the border collie was a little too excited and wouldn’t let the keeper speak!



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