Aussie scrubs

The patient in gynaecology theatre was a complex case of endometriosis. But before I start talking about what I saw, I am going to start off by talking about how cute the scrubs are at RBWH.  On top of the trousers and top, you also have the option of wearing a jacket for the endless cold hours you have to spend in the operating room.

Yes I know, the infection control team back in the UK will be gritting their teeth with this news. But when a lovely scrub nurse sees you shivering whilst you are trying to get a clear view of the uterus on the screen and offers you a jacket, it is hard to say no.

So now onto the procedure itself. The patient on the table has a long history endometriosis.

Endometriosis is where the tissue lining the uterus grows in places where it shouldn’t! Women tend to present with painful periods and some pretty vague symptoms like constipation, heavy periods, diarrhoea, low back pain etc…

This poor lady had it pretty bad to the point that it was significantly affecting her daily life. So she has resorted to a total abdominal hysterectomy. It was clear just how bad her condition was when the gynaecologist managed to get a clear view of her pelvic organs. There were so many adhesions! Her uterus was completely fixed and it took around 3/4 hours to free it up.



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