Marvel Cinematic Universe

There are two things that I am proud of being an absolute nerd in: Harry Potter and Marvel. I was able to please my inner comic book nerd whilst I was in Brisbane as a Marvel exhibition was being held at the Gallery of Modern Art. Annoyingly if I was in the country earlier, I could have tried to catch a glimpse of the shooting of the new Thor: Ragnarok film which was being held at the Gold Coast!

After getting the train into the city, I took the long route to get to the GOMA. Luckily the gallery was not busy as I was worried of having to barge little kids out of the way so I could take a peek at the costumes and props the MCU used in the films (I’m kidding, I would probably not actually do that). The gallery accepted my NUS card which meant that I only had to pay $20 for my ticket.

Once in, I was immediately nostalgic of my childhood where I would sit and read comics. The first room was full of old comics plastered across the walls with a huge black and white mural of Spider-Man – That’s your cue to watch the new homecoming film if you haven’t already.
The second room was filled with costumes and props from all of the avengers films. The intricate detailing of all the outfits were incredible. They were also screening excerpts from each of the films on projections across some of the walls and it was tempting to sit down and watch them.
The third room was definitely my favourite. As soon as I turned the corner my jaw dropped and I could see the curator smiling in the corner of my eye at my reaction. The throne room of Asgard was placed gloriously in front of me. With costumes of all the major characters placed at the feet of the throne on either side. Looking at everything related to the Thor films got me extremely excited for the new film. Aside from appreciating the aesthetic of Mr Hemsworth, Thor is one of my favourite characters in the Marvel Universe!
So a spoiler is coming up; in the corner of the room was something I had not noticed in any of the films. Upon reading the plaque, I noticed that it was Hulk’s bed and armour in Thor: Ragnarok. It is going to be so strange when I watch the film in a couple of months as I have seen some of what they have used in real life. Shoutout to my fellow Marvel buddy who is going to get sick of me making comments throughout the film!

Then there was a room dedicated to the first avenger – Captain America.

This was followed by a section for the guardians of the galaxy. They are quite possibly the funniest group of characters in Marvel and I am looking forward to seeing them collaborate in the new avengers film which is due to be released next year.

There were also small displays for Dr Strange which was placed in front of a trippy screen and Ant Man which had mirrors behind it to mimic the speed at which he shrinks down to the size of…well an ant…

The next section was dedicated to iron man. It was strange seeing the different suits that Robert Downey Junior had on to depict the different stages of damage it received during the civil war film.

The exhibition came to a close with a display of how the different teams working behind the scene come together to bring to the world the wonder that is – The Marvel Cinematic Universe!


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