Resit queen

It is safe to say that I smashed the resit and I have now passed my finals. A bit delayed but I can finally say it. I have not had the easiest few months but I cannot begin to even tell you how relieved I am right now. I think failing this exam has made me a lot stronger than I was. If anything, I am now more determined and passionate about achieving my end goal. Watch this space because I am aiming to make a significant impact in women’s health! I have so many incredible opportunities to look forward to.

Being able to geek out over reproductive and developmental medicine for a year at a prestigious university like Imperial College is going to be incredible. Not to mention the fact that I am going to be in London for a year; which means: I will be closer to home so I can pester my mum to make me more home cooked curry, I can get closer to my pesky sister who is studying in London and I can spend more time with my cousins. Most importantly, I can finally get back into dancing. I love Lancaster. It is a beautiful city. But unfortunately when it comes to dancing shows and opportunities to join crews, the options I have are very limited. I already have a show lined up in London for October and I cannot wait to get involved with my cousin’s company – I:V Dance.

As much as people like to say that I got through exams on my own merit, I genuinely do not think I could have remained as motivated as I was in the last few months without my faith in God. There were definitely times where I was questioning why of all the years that I have spent at medical school, I had to fail in my final year! But after a lot of prayers I do firmly believe that this is all part of a big plan that the big guy has for me. I mean in years to come, when I eventually have some medical students of my own who are under my wing; I can provide them with some comfort and advice when they themselves are about to undertake their final year exams!

I have a lot more exciting blog posts that I am currently planning on putting out there but for now, I am going to enjoy the rest of my summer in France…


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