Bullet journal

The world of bullet journaling has become a cult amongst stationery lovers. Headed by its creator, Ryder Carroll, this innovative way to keep your life in order has now progressed to become a massive market in social media. I came across it over a year ago when one of my favourite bloggers posted about it on their Instagram account. Since then, I have been pretty much hooked.

So what do you need to get started:

  1. A journal – Last time I used I journal with plain pages and this year I have opted for squared pages. The good thing about the Agenzio notebook is that it contains a ribbon which lets you mark where you are. It also has a pocket in the back which lets you keep any loose papers/stickers.
  2. Some coloured pens – If like me you are a visual person, then this is a must for your journal.
  3. A pen – I use a fountain pen from Paperchase which writes beautifully.
  4. Washi tape – these are great for breaking up your pages and adding a bit of colour.

FullSizeRender 2

First thing you need to do is create a key. I have included some of the things that I have used a lot over the past year in this year’s journal. The next thing you need to do is create an index. This helps you navigate the journal and allows you to create your pages in any order.

FullSizeRender 3

A future log helps you look at the year ahead. I use this log to jot down tasks I need to get done each month.


Bullet journals can be used to track habits that you want to keep. These can include things like: workouts, no spend days, cleaning etc…


You can probably tell that this year, I am taking budgeting seriously!


This year I have decided to get creative with my bullet journal by adding in some sketches. I miss painting and drawing; so I am hoping that my journal can be a good outlet for this. The gratitude log is something you can add to think about something positive that has happened every day.


Seeing as my course does not start for a few weeks, I have waited until ‘moving in’ week to start the journal. I have decided to include a shopping list in my weekly spreads this year. Using a post it note means that I can simply take it out prior to going shopping and help keep my accounts in check.

The bullet journal this year is pretty simple compared to my previous ones. This is because I realised that I did not use half of the pages that I had created so I decided to keep it simple with this one. Unless you want it to, this is not something that takes a lot of time. Some people invest hours into making their journals looking gorgeous and if you are artistically inclined this makes sense. But that approach is not a requirement. I still use a diary to jot down important events/lectures etc… but the bullet journal helps break each day down into tasks I need to get done that day.

If you want to have a look at my previous post then click here


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