Induction week: Imperial College London

As I near the end of the first week of my intercalated degree, I am beginning to realise that I should have paid a little bit more attention in the first few lectures of biochemistry in my first year of medical school! Being able to dedicate a whole year to learning about reproductive medicine has been something I wanted to do ever since I started medical school. That and being able to improve my skills in dancing of course…

So far I have met a lot of of friendly medical students from universities across the country and it has been interesting to see the differences and similarities in the running and the content of medicine in various universities. The majority of people I have met have intercalated following their third year of medicine which makes me feel ancient! Having said that, I am relieved that I do not have finals to worry about when I go back to university in my fifth year.

First impressions? Surprisingly, I have more time than I thought I would have to spare in terms of my timetable. But that is compensated by a number of assignment deadlines and lectures that I will definitely have to revisit in order to make sense of it! The first week has been pretty chilled as they eased us into the course; with some lectures in molecular cell biology and others on reading scientific papers.

London is a city that has always had a place in my heart. Every time that I am here, I feel like my life is moving at 100 miles an hour which I love. So far, I have managed to catch up with a number of people, some of whom I have not seen in years. I am looking forward to continuing my love for working in cafés by exploring quirky places around London. I’m sure I will not be short of finding places that fit my description here. The nerdy side of me is also looking forward to exploring the libraries this city has to offer.

The bulk of the course this year is related to reading scientific paper. That’s right my Lancaster readers, the fluffies have come back to haunt me in London! But I am glad that over the course of this year my ability to critically appraise (I apologise if I have triggered anyone by using those two words!) a scientific paper should in theory improve. Also, the fact that the research that I will be reading is related to a topic that I am extremely passionate about also helps.

So with the end of my first week, I am pleased to say that I have finally settled into my new home. I am looking forward to so many things this year such as getting involved in Just Bollywood at Imperial (an inter-university Bollywood dance competition), seeing friends and family that live in/around London and not to mention spending a year learning in depth about reproductive medicine.




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