SJT Course: EMedica

The SJTs are just round the corner for fifth year medical students up and down the country. In this post, I am going to talk about a course that is being held over the next few months that will help all those who are about to take their SJTs to feel better prepared for this exam. So what exactly is the SJT? It is a test of aptitude which is designed to assess the professional attributes expected of a UK foundation doctor. So pretty much like the ludicrous UKCAT exams all aspiring medical students have to write except this counts towards 50% of your foundation programme application.

The countless stories of doctors I have met who excelled in their exams but screwed up in their SJTs is laughable so you can imagine how excited medical students are to write this exam! Having said that, I have also met doctors who were average/just below average but aced their SJTs and got into their deanery of choice. Technically, there isn’t a pass mark but if your score is significantly poorer than the other candidates then you may have to take the test again. So just like the UKCAT, it is difficult to know exactly how you will do in the exam. However, familiarising yourself with the questions and identifying how they are marked will help you feel more prepared.


Dr Mahibur Rahman is a GP and a consultant in medical education. He is the medical director of Emedica. This course is runs for 1 day where they cover a range of things:

  • Tips/techniques on how to tackle each scenario
  • SJT mock exam
  • Access to an online revision service after the course
  • Provide you with the core knowledge you need for the areas they assess you on such as: code of conduct, end of life care, confidentiality etc…

The course costs £99. If you book as a group of 2 or 3, you pay £79 each. If you book as a group of 4 or 5, you pay £74 each. It is held in various places including London, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, Bristol, Glasgow and Birmingham.

“In 2017, they reported a mean SJT score of 42.40 – 6.6% above the national average of 39.79. This meant that 97% got a place in one of their top 3 choices. We also have a lot of high scorers – over 10.9% scored 46.00 or over, compared to 4.4% nationally. Our best performer to date scored 49.07 SJT points.”

Check out this blog post for more tips on how to boost your SJT score.



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