Dishoom – Carnaby

Being an Indian who is a bit of food junkie makes going to Indian restaurants a bit of a struggle. So as you can imagine I am always sceptical about going to restaurants serving Indian cuisine. It was my cousin’s birthday and she booked us a reservation at Dishoom in Carnaby. A short walk away from Piccadilly Circus and Oxford circus, Dishoom is based at the end of a strip of bars and other restaurants. The ambience was not what you may typically find in an Indian restaurant, where you would be welcomed at the door with statues of elephants, see colourful garlands lining the walls and multicoloured lights making you feel like you’re in a Bollywood film. Dishoom on the other hand had warm lighting which made you feel very cosy which is a perfect atmosphere to be in when eating curry!

The staff were incredibly friendly and our waiter was even singing his heart out when he brought out the cake for my cousin! The food arrived within a few minutes of us ordering which was honestly the fastest service I have ever had in a restaurant. One of the downsides was that they forgot one of our dishes but as soon as we raised it to their attention, we had our lamb biriyani within minutes!

Out of everything we had to eat, my favourite was the paneer tikka and masala prawns. The paneer dish took me straight back to the time I lived in Mumbai for four months before coming to the UK. Props to Dishoom for taking me down memory lane! The masala prawns were infused with the right mixture of spices that made it certain that this restaurant does not conform to the westernisation of Indian dishes!

Overall, I would highly recommend this branch of Dishoom! The staff were great and the food arrived at record time.


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