Harry Potter – Oxford Street

Calling all Harry Potter fans! The Primark store in Oxford Street East has turned a corner of its store into a shrine for the franchise that my generation grew up with. Tucked away in a corner of the shop, you can step into Hogwarts as you browse through various products ranging from fairy lights to dressing gowns for bargain prizes. The Hogwarts letters drape down from the ceiling and each corner is piled high with trunks that look like they belong in the Hogwarts common rooms.

Primark has always had a little obsession with HP as they have gifted us with a clothing range in the past. However this time, the fixation with the wizarding world has been taken to the next level. The full range of products available can be found here. With true Primark style, everything is affordable with prices starting at £3.00.

Unfortunately, the collection is not placed in a space like the Great Hall; which means that Potterheads living in London and visiting England seem to have swarmed to this collection. This makes browsing for memorabilia a bit of a pain because all you can think about is stupefying other customers to browse peacefully! (Having said that, they probably felt the same way about me oohing and aahing!)

So head on down to the Oxford Street East store of Primark and get your hands on some Harry Potter goods. You can even clutch onto a cushion with the Hogwarts acceptance letter printed onto it, whilst you try to accept the fact that you are a muggle as you rewatch all the Harry Potter films this Christmas…




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