Naked Dough

I took a visit to London’s first pop up cookie dough cafe based in Old Street a few days ago. Let’s be honest, licking the spoon after baking is the best part about the whole process so this cafe’s safe-to-eat cookie dough is the perfect solution to getting your fix of cookie dough!

You can get two scoops in either a tub or a cone. The great thing about Naked Dough is the fact that you can mix and match to try out different flavours. This time I went for Unicorn food which contained marshmallows and sprinkles and Hazel’s Nuts which contained Kinder Bueno and Nutella.

The one thing you should bear in mind is that a few spoonfuls are enough to make you feel quite sickly; so just make sure you grab a lid and take the rest home with you! They are also known to have cookie dough milkshakes, but this is soon to be taken off the menu. Even though the thought of a cookie dough milkshake sounds divine, you can imagine that trying to mix cookie dough with milk and ice cream is unlikely to produce appetising results!

Also, for any Stranger Things fans out there, they have painted a wall with the alphabet with fairy lights lining them. So you can sit on an inflatable unicorn under the alphabet, eating cookie dough and wondering if anyone is trying to communicate with you from the upside down!

So make sure you visit their pop-up and let me know what you think!


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