Module 2

With just 1 more module to go, this academic year is flying by. Taught lectures run until February and after the exam, we will be tackling our assigned project for 3 months before finishing the year. The last module was based on endocrinology which was interesting to learn; even if we did have to learn and revisit a lot of biochemistry… Module 2 is based on pregnancy and embryology and I cannot wait to get my teeth into the content! I can see a lot of scrunched up noses when I tell people how much I love embryology but let’s be honest, there is something remarkable about learning about the process of the formation of a human being from a clump of cells!

Unfortunately, I am a little behind on lectures and it is going to get worse for the next module. Just Bollywood rehearsals are bumped up to every night of the week from now on with full days at the weekends. This means that any spare time I have, is going to be spent completing the two in course assessments that are going to be set for module 2. Looks like I have a fun filled Christmas to look forward to as I frantically try to catch up with everything before the start of the new year!

But the good news is that my assigned essay title is what I wanted; which is the development of facial features, abnormalities and treatment options etc…


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