Franco Manca

I am probably any Italian chef’s worst nightmare when it comes to authentic Italian meals because as you can imagine, I love having a million flavours on my palate. Which means that it is very easy for me to find a lot of food rather bland. A short walk away from where our lectures are held is Franco Manca. As a celebration of submitting an assignment, a few of us decided to take a trip to this pizzeria after some raving reviews. The pizza I had at Franco Manca was delicious. I loved the fact that it was not too cheesy which is unusual for the typical pizzas we would find in England. I went for the Margarita pizza with the addition of five chillies (obviously!) and garlic bread and it totalled to just over a tenner which is a steal in London!

The branch we went to is based in Shepherd’s Bush and the restaurant is quite large. As we went before Halloween, we were welcomed to the restaurant with the sight of cobwebs and a friendly hanging skeleton just above our table. The restaurant specialises in a sourdough base in all their pizzas which gives each slice a unique taste. The crust is covered in charcoal marks that comes with cooking the pizzas in a traditional wood-fired oven. The pizzas are reasonably prized ranging from £4 to £10 for a pizza and they are worth it.

The one downside was that this branch did not offer us a free drink which is a deal that their website mentions if you can show proof of being a student. Also, a friend of mine did not get her pizza along with the rest of us. Aside from that, the service was great and the food was even better!


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