Poster presentation #2

After being successful last year in my abstract submission, I decided to submit another one to the British Undergraduate Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology a few weeks ago and it has been accepted for poster presentation at the Medical Students Day in 2018.

The day itself is always a lot of fun. Last year a surprisingly large number of students were there from Lancaster and I am hoping that this is the case again this year. The day normally has talks about a career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from various doctors at different stages in their careers. This is followed by a lunch that is normally provided for you! You cannot complain when there is free food right…

After this, there are various workshops that are put on including simulated laparoscopy. I am quite pleased to announce that I held the joint record for stacking up the biggest number of sugar cubes using the instruments; not sure that I am going to put that on my CV though.

So my abstract is about the different narratives of how women perceive their process of childbirth. I did this by comparing accounts from women living in developed countries and from personal experience of talking to women undergoing childbirth during my work experience in South Africa before I started medical school.


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