Boxing day haul (2017)

I did not go crazy at this year’s Boxing day sales. Unlike my sister who ran to town at the crack of dawn to come back with bags bigger than her! This year I limited my shopping to one shop. Mainly because I really could not be bothered and was dragged to go shopping, and also because of the financial constraints that most students are pretty familiar with by now.

Matalan is not normally my first choice when it comes to shopping for clothes. But they have a pretty good selection of affordable shoes that last for ages. With the agenda to buy myself some new shoes, I went to Matalan and bought two pairs of shoes and a faux fur coat.

The heels are so adorable. I love the embroidery; it gifts the heels an Indian flair which I will always approve of! It was reduced to just £6.00. The flats were at a bargain price of £4.00 and they are extremely comfortable to wear. A faux fur coat was something I have wanted for a long time but I could never justify spending a ridiculous amount of money on something that I can only wear with select few outfits. The faux fur coat I bought is pastel pink in colour and was reduced to £28 so I caved in and bought it.



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