The last module

This academic year has flown by and before long I will be heading back to Lancaster to finish off my final year of medicine. I am really going to miss being in London next year. It has been great being able to go home whenever I felt like I wanted to and also have an endless amount of coffee shops to go to! I mean, I love The Hall in Lancaster but there’s only so much Atkinson’s coffee I can drink…

Having said that, I am looking forward to finally starting to work as a doctor. It feels like I have been in education for such a long time; which in all honesty I have been! But I am definitely ready to start climbing up the career ladder to get to where I want to be in a few years time.

This module is the final one for the year and the main focus of it is paediatric allergies and infections. The assignments in this module includes an essay as always and my assigned title is regarding IgE anaphylaxis. The other is poster presentation where we are given a paper to read, followed by creating a poster in order to present to the whole group and answer questions regarding it.

At the end of this module, we have two weeks off for revision before three exams covering everything we have worked on since September. After this, the taught part of the course is completed and we take on our three-month research project. Fingers crossed I get my first choice of the project!


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