Imperial War Museum

Recently I took a trip to the Imperial War Museum and as soon as I walked into the hall, I was met with a V2 rocket which made me feel pretty insignificant. The museum exhibits artefacts dating back to the first world world war and of course from conflicts from the modern world. Apparently humans love history but are reluctant to learn from it…

Each floor hosts various exhibitions and it is clear that the tone darkens as you ascend each floor to complete the tour with the Holocaust exhibition on the top floor. Almost signifying the peak of the dark side of humanity… The Holocaust section was by far my favourite. It was harrowing as you step through the dimly lit corridors that showcased the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany against Jews and other subhumans. It was interesting to note that not a single museum-goer spoke as they walked through this exhibition. The rooms were all in pin-drop silence. The modern incentive to get out your phones and take multiple selfies or pictures were also abandoned at the huge double doors that led to this section. I admired everyone for the level of respect they paid to the countless lives that were lost during this dark period in our history. The Holocaust exhibition was truly haunting with clips of survivors’ accounts echoing as you progressed through each section and I commend the curators for creating this experience for the attendees!

The other exhibitions included first world war, the age of terror which showed artefacts post-9/11 and also the conflicts with communists and the Middle East. As it was my first time going to IWM, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I would definitely go again.


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