Medical Student Feature: King’s College London

Since I have started the ‘Medical Student Feature’ section on my blog, I have been contacted by lots of medics from all over the world who were willing to share their experience of medical school. I am hoping that in time, there will be a large bank of accounts from various students so that aspiring doctors can get a taste of medical school at different universities. This month’s feature is of Henrietta, a fifth year medical student from King’s College London.

What made you want to pursue medicine?

I have always loved science but I would never be satisfied with a career in research. I wanted a challenging, yet rewarding career that deals with people on a daily basis.

How was the process of applying? (Any tips)

I spent hours researching online and I came across the most helpful website – The site is full of the most up-to-date tips from other students. My biggest tip would be to apply tactically, using your strengths. My strength was my GCSEs and The Student Room was how I found out that Cardiff and King’s College London tend to interview students with very good GCSEs. That is how I ended up getting two offers. Also, don’t apply for more than two BMAT universities!

What is your medical school like?

GKT (Guy’s, King’s, St Thomas’) for life! It’s absolutely huge, about 400 students in my year so I’m constantly meeting new people. I love it and would highly recommend living in London. Our campus is Guy’s campus which is right next to the Shard. Our most central hospital is St Thomas’ Hospital which is absolutely beautiful and overlooks Big Ben. We have a medics bar called Guy’s Bar and thousands of different societies to join. We also do a GKT comedy show every year and a GKT Take Me Out show every year.

Do you have any plans for the future?

I want to be GP and have done ever since I applied to medical school. I love the idea of having a broad knowledge of medicine and watching families grow up.

Any last comments/tips for future medical students? is an absolute life saver to get you through medical school exams! Good luck and feel free to message me on Instagram if you have any questions 🙂

If you’d like to be featured and share your experience of medical school then please get in touch!


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