Why I am switching to digital notes

Since sharing my bullet journal a few years ago, I have been getting a lot of feedback about the content of it. A lot of people love the idea of it but cannot justify spending a lot of time making one. Recently, a few people have even asked if I would be willing to sell a bullet journal and this encouraged me to do just that!

So after a few weeks of getting my head down to come up with illustrations, I have finally finished a bullet journal for 2018-2019. You can find it here or on the store tab on the menu above.

Following on from this, I will also be working on some medical notes full of illustrations that I am hoping to sell at some point. In order to make life easier, I have created a Facebook page where I will be updating you all on each of the printables I am making. So head over and give that page a like.

I have recently moved over from paper notes to digital. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it also makes life so much easier! You never run out of paper and you do not have to lug around piles of notes everywhere with you. I definitely get the attraction of writing your own notes but right now, I want to move away from this and encourage more students to switch to using technology so that our grandchildren are still aware of the concept of trees in years to come.

The note taking app that I am in love with at the moment is called Goodnotes. It costs around £9.99 on the app store and it is amazing. I will talk a bit more about the app in a later blog post!


7 thoughts on “Why I am switching to digital notes

  1. Although I type much faster than I write, I’ve never been able to take notes digitally because I always get distracted by something on my computer ahahah! But I’m sure you’re far more disciplined than I am 😉


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