Birthplace of the Rosary

A trip to Portugal would not be complete for me without visiting the town of Fatima. It is a very important Catholic pilgrimage site and I am going to briefly tell you why…

This little town received worldwide fame following a series of accounts of apparitions of the Mother Mary in the year 1917, one of which was to approximately 70,000 people of believers and non-believers. The most significant apparition was to three shepherd children called Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco. It was to these children that the importance of the Rosary was highlighted. As a Catholic, walking the grounds of this holy ground was very important to me and it was something that I wanted to achieve at least once in my lifetime.

After the 90 minute coach journey back to Lisbon, I went to the Arco da Rua Augusta. The arch had to be rebuilt after the ‘earthquake of 1755’.


The streets were buzzing with excitement and tourists. The main square also had a large screen with seats in front of it where the World Cup was being shown to hundreds of viewers. High-end shops lined the streets as we walked the narrow roads to get to the restaurant where we were having dinner, Bread4You

Tucked away in the corner of a street, this little gem was a great find. The waiters were very welcoming and all of them spoke fluent English. The menu was decently priced and the octopus dish was definitely something that was interesting to try! Also, if you book through TripAdvisor, you can get 30% off the bill!



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