What’s so good about the Apple pencil…

The apple pencil is something I turned my nose up at for a while now because I could not justify spending £89.00 on it. Plus, the fact that it was not compatible with my older iPad model made me resent the tech gurus that worked for Apple!

I was previously using the FiftyThree stylus on my iPad air and it was a very useful stylus for making illustrations for the notes I sell. However, the size of the nib made it a little difficult to make precise lines on the iPad.


After watching a lot of videos of reviews of the Apple pencil, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my iPad and buy an Apple pencil. So I traded in my iPad air (which was worth £120) and my local Apple store was knocking off an additional £70 from the price. So instead of paying £708, I was able to buy the iPad Pro 10.5″ and an Apple pencil for £518.

The screen of my new iPad is bigger which automatically makes note-taking and illustrating a lot easier. The sensitivity and precision of the pencil when taking notes is amazing! In terms of illustrations, the Apple pencil takes into account the level of pressure you put on the pencil which makes you feel like you have more control over the tools you use to make your drawings.

If you want to see some videos of me using the Apple pencil, make sure you follow my Instagram account

Overall, I am so glad I made this purchase (even though my bank account is looking empty!) and I am looking forward to utilising the pencil to its maximum abilities. I think it will also help me to completely move away from using paper which will also be my small contribution to saving our planet!


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