iBSc Reproductive and Developmental Sciences


After a late start to the year, I settled into my new home in London. In the introductory weeks, we were given a general overview of how the course was going to be run with tips on exams and our BSc projects. Not to mention our first assignment which was to write an abstract of a published scientific paper!


We started our first module which is based on the role the endocrine system plays in the female and male reproductive system. It seems that each module has two in course assessments (ICA) with the latter being an essay. The title for the essay I have been given is related to progesterone receptors. It is a really interesting topic but working on the essay has meant that I am a “little” behind on lectures, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Just Bollywood rehearsals have started which has got me VERY excited for the competition on the 9th of December.


JB rehearsals are very intense. They are on pretty much every evening and with lectures during the day, it is a bit of struggle getting all my work done. Module 1 has ended and we have started the second module of the year. I got a first in both of my assignments in module 1! Module 2 is a lot more interesting as it is an in-depth look into pregnancy.


I suffered a pretty bad injury this month due to all the excess dancing I have been doing and this really got me down at the start of the month. I was really worried as to whether I would be able to perform to the best of my ability at the dance competition. Regardless of the injury, I did give it my all and Imperial came second! I had so much fun and I am really going to miss the late night rehearsals with the team. Module 2 has ended and I am really looking forward to a break over Christmas holidays.


I cannot believe how quick the academic year has gone! I am now on my final taught module of the course. The content is focused on allergies and immunity in relation to paediatrics.


It is exam time again! Unlike medical school, we got two weeks off for revision. Which was definitely needed. There were three exams, one for each module. Module 1 was split into a long essay question, critical appraisal and short essay questions. Module 2 consisted of a long essay question, data interpretation and short essay questions. Module 3 consisted of a long essay question, interpretation of a forest plot and short essay questions. With the end of exams came the end of the taught section of the BSc course.


This month consisted of meeting with my project supervisor and getting a sense of the research project that I would be undertaking for the next three months. My project is really interesting and I cannot wait to get stuck into it. However, there is a lot of data that needs to be collected and that is what I have been doing this month.


Over the course of this month, I have been collecting data for my research. I have realised that research is something I would definitely like to get involved in over the course of my career. During my earlier years at medical school, I have shied away from research but this intercalated degree has definitely encouraged me to think about conducting more research in the future.


This year has flown by. May saw the end of my BSc year and on the 25th, I was officially done with my course. I had such an amazing year and I wish I could relive it!