Day 1

After a 2 and a half hour flight (which is a good few hours shorter than the time it takes for me to go home from my university…), I landed in Lisbon. As the doors of the aircraft opened, I was hit with a sudden wave of heat which reminded me a lot of travelling to Kerala.

After buying the Lisbon Viva card (which is essentially an equivalent of the oyster card and I would highly recommend you buy it to save you a lot of money!), I took the metro to my hotel which is based just outside the hub of the city.

After unpacking, I took the bus down to the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon, Alfama. The architecture in this neighbourhood is so aesthetic. The steep hills were also a pretty good workout when exploring this area!

It also happened to be the festival of St. Anthony whilst we were there so the streets were buzzing with an array of colours and smells of delicious food. The church of St. Anthony was beautiful and it was especially nice to spend some time in solitude in the church.