Straight after our summative exams, two lovely ladies in my year organised a camping trip to Wales.

Camping has never really appealed to me, hence I’ve never been. The whole idea of not showering for days, trying to sleep in the bitter cold air and not having proper meals was never my idea of having an enjoyable time with my friends. So what made me go?

Well for starters, the people that were going knew how to have a good laugh. The thought of being round the camp fire at night, watching the sun rise and sleeping under the stars was enough for me to go along to Wales.

The road trip was long. I was shoved into the back of a car with half a seat to sit on surrounded by numerous sleeping bags and tents. After nearly 3/4 hours of singing along to Beyonce and trying to get comfortable, the scenery soon began to change from harsh bricks into emerald green forestry.

We set camp on top of a cliff which overlooked the sea. My goodness it truly was a sight…

Imagine waking up to this blissful sight every morning. On the first day, I took a peaceful trip down to the beach and it was so euphoric just sitting on a rock and dangling my feet into the cold clear water. The water foamed as it bashed against the rock and the sun’s rays reflected against the water keeping me as warm as it possibly could. I wish I had taken a picture but it wouldn’t have done the sight that I could see with my own eyes any justice.

We set the fire going and gathered around it as the night air crawled its way in. Huddled in our sleeping bags we brought out the marshmallows and started talking about everything under the planet. As I looked around the circle, I couldn’t help but wonder how far we’d come. Look at us. The future of the NHS. So naive and innocent; considered as the babies of our chosen career path. Over the year we had got a lot closer, this is the group of people that I was going to spend the next 4/5 years with. These are the people that hopefully will remain in contact with for the majority of our working lives.

The next day we took a trip to a nearby beach. The day was spent lazing around on the rocks trying to grab as much sun as possible before heading back to Lancaster. There were unexpected water fights and a rounders tournament. Not to mention recreating the Friends scene where Joey is turned into a mermaid!


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