Year 2


It was an early start for the medical students studying at Lancaster University. Experiences of my first year already seemed like a century ago and I can’t believe I’m in the second stage of becoming a future doctor. The introduction of pathology and starting placements within hospitals in our region makes everything I learnt in first year seem more and more real. This month involved me coming out of my teen years and hitting the 20s and seeing a friend of mine get married


The fresh batch of first year medical students have arrived at the university. It’s strange to think that this time last year I was in their position. Nervous, excited and filled with disbelief at how quick life is flying by. Freshers week consisted of meeting the freshers, dressing up as Ariel and donning a sequinned dress as I hid behind a mask.


This month was consumed by my second SSM. I decided to go for the topic of ‘Epidemiology and the treatment of tropical medicine’ – focusing particularly on Ebola and the challenges health professionals face in controlling the epidemic. The annual winter ball also took place this month and this time myself and my partner in crime got elected to become charities officers for the following year.


The annual MedSoc panto took place this month and it was a huge success! Nothing exciting took place this month as it was consumed with the continuation of my SSM. Christmas at home was hilarious! No matter how busy everyone is, my family from London still managed to come visit us and we got the chance to reminisce once more.


As the newly elected charities officer of MedSoc, it was time to start planning for the events that we were to hold for the following year. This month also saw the end of my first hospital rotation. I now had to take a bus for an hour and a half in order to go to the new hospital – which meant early mornings and late evenings.


We held our first charity event as part of Valentine’s day in order to raise money for Clic Sargent. It was a blind date held for medical students which had everyone in creases of laughter.


I booked my flights to Nepal in the summer and I’m so excited. Not only because I have wanted to visit that gorgeous country for ages but also because we are in the process of setting up an exciting charity over there. The Easter holidays have arrived and I’m so glad to be home, I haven’t seen my family in 3 months and I was so happy to be home in time to celebrate my sister’s birthday.


Being back at university and it’s finally time to really knuckle down into medicine as the exams are just round the corner. The easter holidays flew by quicker than I imagined and term 3 is always the most stressful term of the year.


The unfortunate earthquake that occurred in Nepal meant that we’ve had to cancel our flights due to health and safety reasons concerning the charity. I was devastated about the fact that I couldn’t go. The temptation to still go to Nepal was high but I didn’t feel like I’d be much help even if I decided to go out there and help out with the earthquake due to a lack of experience


Not much has happened this month as it was packed with revision and the month was finished off with the start of the first exam of year 2.


After four stresful days, the exams were finally over and I was more than relieved to start my summer. I received my results a few weeks into July and I’m happy to say that I passed with flying colours all thanks to God! This meant that I could start to make plans for the following year and begin to really enjoy my summer.

WHat to look out for in year 3

– Directing and choreographing the annual MedSoc panto

– Organising a talent show for the medics

– Potentially co creating a website with my friend to help other medical students

– Having a lot more responsibility within the field of medicine

– Coming to a realisation that I’m halfway through my medical training



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