Year 3


It was an early start for us and we finally made it to the halfway year of our time in medical school. This month marked the preparation for the arrival of the fresh new batch of medical students. As a charities officer, I wanted to organise a talent show prior to organising the panto to raise as much money as possible before I gave up my position on the exec at the end of the year. I started this month with a rotation on psychiatry which was a lot more interesting than I had originally imagined it to be. This month I also turned 21!


Rehearsals for the annual MedSoc panto are fully on the go and I also had to make the difficult decision to leave SKIP. With all the things going on in my life, I had to make a sacrifice as I was putting a lot of pressure on myself and couldn’t handle everything that was on my plate.


The talent show was a great success and we managed to raise £150 for the Syrian Children’s appeal. The first week of SSM also took place in this month and due to my interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, I decided to do my essay within this topic. This month I started my Neurology and Care of the Elderly rotation which was a bit more intense than my previous rotation as I had a lot less free time.


The start of this month was shaken up by Storm Desmond leading to the majority of the university leaving early for Christmas. However, 3rd, 4th and 5th year medical students were asked to stay until we were originally timetabled to leave; much to the distaste of the most of us. We also had the winter ball which marked the end of my reign as a charities officer.


The first two weeks were incredibly busy with organising the panto – which were a great success! I’m still waiting to hear back from the theatre to see how much we’ve raised. I finished my rotation and started the therapeutics and sexual health rotation for two weeks before the formatives. I was lucky enough to be an interviewer for the MMIs this year which brought back memories of when I was first applying to medical school.


The first week was taken up by the mock exams followed by 2 weeks of SSM. I also had to hand in my PPVE coursework this month so the first half of the month has been pretty busy. It was my mum’s birthday this month and not being with her for her birthday was especially difficult. During the two weeks I had off for SSM, I managed to finish the first draft and sent it to my convenor.


I received feedback from my SSM “Should a planned Caesarean section be the first option for a multiparous woman presenting with a singleton breech baby? A review of the current methods of management.” I got a distinction which I was more than happy with as I really enjoyed doing this SSM. The end of this month meant that I could go home for the Easter holidays which I needed very badly as its been a pretty rough month for many reasons. It’s a shame that we only got a week off…


After the much needed break from uni and medicine, I felt like a brand new person when I came back to uni. I feel like I’ve become a stronger and more independent person who finally knows exactly what she wants in her life. I’ve become a lot closer to my girls and we’ve done a lot of fun things before starting to knuckle down to c rack on with revision.


These two months have been pretty boring. It was filled with revision towards the end of year exams.


The start of this month was filled with exams. After a 45 week academic year, third year was finally over. The two weeks following exam week was tough as I awaited my results. Through the grace of God, I passed my exams.

Bring on fourth year and the year of finals…