Year 4

The first month of fourth year has been intense. There’s a lot to do this year so it has taken a while to get myself organised. I started off in the obstetrics and gynaecology specialty which has been a lot of fun. This year we have a lot of things to do: an audit, a health culture and society piece of coursework, personal statement for intercalating and I need to organise my elective! Also it’s my birthday month and I turned 22


The next batch of first years have arrived! I can still remember meeting the fourth years when I was a fresher and thinking how far away the prospect of being near the end of the medical degree was. And now I am at that stage and it’s very scary. I started my psychiatry rotation this year which was just as interesting as it was last year.


I have started my paediatrics rotation this month and I have absolutely loved it. I was elected to be the coordinator for a peer assisted learning society which means that I’m now in charge of organising teaching sessions for the third year medical students.


This month marks the end of the first term. It’s gone by so quickly! I finished off the term on acute paediatrics which meant that my placements were mainly in the evenings which was a lot of fun. I’m definitely ready to go home for Christmas!


This month I had two written pieces that I had to submit. The first being an audit where I looked at the prescription of the combined oral contraceptive pill in women aged over 35 years old and with a BMI of over 35. The second being a coursework on health, culture and society where I looked at the medicalisation of pregnancy. So it has been a fairly hectic month.


Mock exams. How fun! My time in my nice flat in Lancaster drew to a close as I had to complete the second half of my year in hospital accommodation in a town about an hour away from Lancaster.


Pretty boring months as I have just been preparing for my finals.


I had two weeks of my final year exams this month. But that was made better by the fact that I would be jetting off to Australia the day after my last exam to complete my elective in obstetrics and gynaecology at RBWH.